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nikon d3100 camera imageThe number of people who have a digital camera to a DSLR for better picture quality and experience more accurate picture in the last few years. However, it was found that many digital SLR cameras are difficult to control. To switch to the concern for the users of a digital SLR camera, Nikon has begun its entry-level digital SLR show with a guide to equip, how to film the instructions for operating the most basic camera functions, reproduction images and editing and camera application, can the camera. The first plane with the mode of the Nikon D3000 Guide was published in August 2009 will be equipped. This feature has proved very popular with users.

A new DX-format CMOS image sensor developed by Nikon and the new EXPEED image processing engine 2 were adopted for the new D3100, the pictures, the excellent image quality and definition begins. The method D3100 D3000 also inherited Guide to help with the addition of more options and images easier to understand and use the device to make. Nikon D3100 camera allows also has the Live View function that allows users to frame images on the monitor, and the D-Movie function, support for the recording of movies in high definition offers. While the D3100 offers a real performance digital SLR camera, a digital SLR camera is extremely light, from which even beginners can beautiful images that reflect their intention to shoot expect.

Nikon D3100 primary characteristics

1. D-Movie recording and editing Full HD video and AF-F (full-time servo AF) Focus Video recording mode

The D3100 is equipped with the D-Movie function allows you to record movies in high definition (with monaural sound) by simply pressing the recording film. Movies can be recorded with the same openness and in other contexts as a guide, and movies that get the most out of each interchangeable lenses or wide-angle, telephoto and wide angle, can shoot movies are only possible with a digital SLR camera. In addition, the device also AF-F (AF) Focus-video mode. If the F-AF mode is activated, the device continuously when recording movies without the need to hold down the shutter button. Nikon D3100 camera provides editing functions for the movie camera to record the user with a single image as a still image or delete unnecessary parts from the beginning or end of the movie files possible.

2. A new DX-format CMOS image sensor and image processor, EXPEED 2, both developed by Nikon capture high-resolution images with superior image quality

The D3100 is equipped with a new CMOS image sensor DX format Nikon and a new engine EXPEED image processing-2, both developed by Nikon. The CMOS image sensor provides a resolution of 14.2 effective megapixels (D3000: CCD image sensor 10.2 million effective pixels) and can capture images in high definition picture quality with superior grasp extreme details of exposure and tones. The tool produces most of its standard configuration, the sensitivity up to ISO 3200 (D3000: ISO 100-1600) and a further increase of up to hi 2 (equivalent to ISO 12800) to take pictures in low light, such as at night or in indoors, and by athletes, fast action scenes.
2 new engine of Nikon EXPEED image processing, by refining the concepts, knowledge and technology to the digital images for years Nikon has developed cultivation. It optimizes the performance of CMOS image sensor to reduce noise in images and movies, and produces images that faithfully reproduce colors.

3. Live View allows users to use the camera easily on the screen bezel or movies

It is simply by turning the switch to Live View, the view through the lens on the screen, allowing immediate recording live view. This photo is feeling more like shooting with a compact digital camera, so that the transition to digital SLR for beginners. In addition, various information such as shooting mode, the remaining time (video mode) and the battery indicator on the screen in vivo are presented.

4. A refined as a guide is even easier to use

Guide mode has been improved to the operation of the device even easier, from shooting to playback and image editing application for camera settings, regardless of the level of knowledge of the user.

Images Help

Nikon D3100 Camera sample images that illustrate the effect of various camera settings, offers the user an idea of what to expect with the specified configuration. For example, when is chosen “funds Feather” and an opening value is specified, using images on the screen changes to show the effect of fixing the images will appear. This allows users to confirm that the images seem to be their intention before burning and reduces the number of unsuccessful shots.

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