Belajar Sehari-hari

Dalam belajar bahasa inggris diperlukan banyak praktek dan praktek. Apalagi bahasa inggris itu merupakan sebuah skill atau keterampilan bukan knowledge (pengetahuan).

Silahkan anda praktekkan percakapan bahasa inggris sehari-hari dibawah ini yang dilengkapi file mp3, guna mempermudah anda dalam belajar.

Listen to the following conversation and then pay attention!!
Situation : a telephone conversation between a hotel receptionist and a person trying to make a booking. The line is bad but the receptionist has the telephone skills to deal with this problem.

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Receptionist : Good afternoon, Orion Hotel, how may I help you?
Customer : I’m ringing to confirm a booking I made a week ago. I was expecting an email but I haven’t received anything.

Receptionist : I’m sorry the line is rather bad, would you mind repeating that, please?
Customer : Yes, I made a reservation on your website under the name of Coutts. George Coutts.
Receptionist : Could you spell your surname for me, please?
Customer : Yes, that’s C-O-U-T-T-S
Receptionist : And when was the reservation for?
Customer : July the 23rd to the 29th
Receptionist : Sorry, did you say the 21st?
Customer : No, the 23rd

Receptionist : Let me just check if we have your details on the system. Ah… yes, here we are.
Customer : I put down one double and one single room, but I wonder if I could change that.
Receptionist : I’m terribly sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Would you mind speaking up a little?

Customer : Yes, I wanted to change the number of rooms. Is it possible to have two doubles instead of a single and a double?

Receptionist : Let’s see…oh hold on a moment. I’ve got someone on the other line. (Speaks to other customer) yeah, yeah…would you mind if I rang you back. I’m just dealing with a reservation. Thanks

Customer : Sorry?
Receptionist : Yes, sorry about that Mr. Coutts, I’m just getting your booking details up now. Yes, we do have another double available for those nights. Was there anything else?

Customer : Well, I wanted to know if you did vegetarian food for the evening meal. It wasn’t clear from the website.

Receptionist : Yes, we do, but by prior arrangement. But now you’ve requested it, I’ll put that down in the booking. How many people was that for?

Customer : Just myself
Receptionist : Very good. Anything else?

Customer : Well, we’ve got a very early return flight on the 30th, so we’ll need an alarm call at about 5.30, I should think

Receptionist : No problem sir, I’ll arrange that now. Was that all?
Customer : I think so

Receptionist : So you’d like two double rooms for the nights of 23rd to the 29th July inclusive, vegetarian provision for one and an early morning call on your departure. Is that correct?

Customer     : That’s right
Receptionist : If we can help you with anything else, just give us a ring. We look forward to seeing you in July.


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